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Please Read This Carefully Before You Submit Your Response To Us

  • Where to send the interview back: When you have completed the interview questions, bio and uploaded pictures, click submit. Kindly, please don't email the interview back to me. :-) 

  • Publishing Date: March 26, 2021

  • Due Date: Please try your best to submit this back to us before 5-7 business days after receipt. If you need more time we may be able to accommodate you but cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

  • Please remember to include: When you upload the answers, please remember to include :

    • at least 2 hi res images (at least 1100 pixels wide) of the interviewee. Professional head-shots produce the best results.

    • a short, third person bio at the top of the interview that we will use as an introduction to the interview.

  • Troubleshooting: If you have any questions you can likely find the answers in our FAQs below. If you still require assistance you can be in touch with me directly in a separate email thread at . If you are experiencing any difficulties or hiccups, feel free to reach out to me, in a separate email thread. (If you reply in this thread there is a good chance I will miss it)




  • Why do I have to carefully proofread my interview before I submit it?

Success Sisters Magazine will only promote the article if it is grammatically perfect. Also, once we upload and format the article, we cannot make changes. Please have someone carefully proofread the text and all assets before you submit it. If your interview has many grammatical errors, we will be unable to publish it.  Thank you for understanding. 

  • What kind of pictures should I include?

-A high quality, high resolution photo at least 1100 pixels wide headshot of the interviewee. (1600 pixels wide, and not much larger is the ideal for us.) 

-A couple of good quality action shots of the interviewee

-Professional headshots will produce the best results

-Please do not use selfies 

-We cannot include promotional pictures.

(Pro Tip: is easiest for us to deal with) 

(Pro Tip Two: If you submit pictures in PNG format (not jpeg) that will ensure that the coloring does not degrade when converted to a web format. Also make sure that the coloring mode is RGB and not CMYK, as CMYK is made for print and will make the colors look strange when it’s online)


  • I don't know how to check for the image resolution to make sure it's at least 1100 pixels wide. What should I do?

Here is a good link that shows how to do it. It's pretty simple. :-)


  • Why do you care so much about the image size and the importance of a high resolution headshot? 

One of the reasons why Authority Magazine's content is not only intellectually and emotionally stimulating, but also visually appealing, is because our website creates a “Wide Aspect Header Image”. This means that the image that appears in the homepage will be larger than 1100 pixels wide. If the image uploaded is less than 1100 pixels wide it will not show up properly on the homepage. That is why we can't accept an image that is smaller than 1100 pixels wide, or if it is blurry and low resolution. 


  • Can I include a link to my webpage?

We can include one link to your business homepage at the beginning of the article.  However we are unable to add it after the article is live so please make sure to hyperlink it in the text before you send it back. Please do not add more than one link to a business. 


  • What should I include in the third person bio paragraph at the top of the interview?

The purpose of the bio is twofold. One, it is an invitation to the reader to continue reading the interview. If the bio is intriguing the reader is more likely to proceed with the rest. 

Two, it helps to establish the credibility of the interviewee as an Authority about the topic.  Therefore the bio should be a brief description of the background of the interviewee, and why the interviewee is an Authority about the topic. The bio should not be longer than three or four sentences long. Also please avoid using any superlatives like “the world's leading expert” or “the country’s fastest growing business”. When superlatives are used it is very difficult to fact check it, and we therefore try to remove them.  Also please remember to write the bio in third person (she is) rather than first person (I am). 


  • You request a third person bio, and the first question of the interview usually asks about the background of the interviewee. Why do you want both?

The bio, written in third person is meant to introduce the interview. The first question is the beginning of the interview. You can use similar information in both sections, but please make sure not to skip either of them. 

  • When is my deadline?

We prefer to receive the answers back between 5 and 14 days after we send out the interview questions.


  • Is there a word limit for my interview responses?

The article should be at least 900-1200 words


  • Are these interviews guaranteed to be published?

In journalism there can never be any guarantees of publication because there is an editorial process. However, once we accept to include your interview, we will try our very best to make sure that it gets published. 


  • Are there topics or words that I should avoid in my interview responses? 

Yes, thank you for asking that. We follow the same guidelines as our syndication partners who will not publish an article that uses crude language, or discusses sex, guns, gambling, alchohol, drugs, vaping, unproven or unscientific medicine, or sketchy investments like ICOs. If those are included it will very likely be held up by the editors. 

Also, please don't leave tracked changes in the interview. Please submit the final draft without any edits. 


  • Will anything else cause you to reject an interview I wrote?

Honestly this does not happen often, because the vast majority of interviews we get are very well written. But a few things will prevent an interview from being published. If this occurs, we will leave a note in the queue next to your submission. They include:

  1. Answers that are all very flat, and short.

  2. Answers that don't give the reader any advice, lessons or insights

  3. Content that is excessively promotional of a company or product

  4. Content that is clearly stuffing keywords for SEO purposes

  5. Answers that are defamatory 

  6. Answers that have very poor grammar 

  7. Answers that have too many links

  8. Answers that you would be embarrassed for your grandmother to read :-)

  9. If you change the interview questions without prior approval

  10. If you remove the interview questions from your responses. The interview questions should be left in, in bold, and your answers should be in standard font. 


  • Can you give me a general idea about what you want from my interview?

Our motto is : “We believe stories should be beautiful to the mind, heart and eyes”. This means we are looking for stories that are insightful, inspirational, and visually pleasing. That can be used as a general rule of thumb regarding what we are looking for, and what might not get accepted. 


  • Can I skip some of the interview questions?

We strongly recommend that you don't skip any of the questions. In most cases, if questions are skipped our writers will not publish the interview. 


  • Can I change the wording of the interview questions?

Please do not change the wording of the questions. If the questions or the phrasing of the questions are changed, there is a good chance that we will not publish the interview. If you feel that there is a compelling or extenuating reason to change the wording of the questions, please email the editor and ask first. Thank you in advance for understanding. 


  • Many of your interview questions have a conversational style. Can I change the wording of the questions to be shorter, and more directly to the point?

Please do not change our questions at all. The style we use is intentional and it has evolved consciously after doing thousands of interviews. Thank you for understanding, and thank you for respecting our content requirements. 


  • Can I write my own interview questions, answer them and submit them? (Real question) 

Kindly, see the answer to the two questions above. 




  • Can I make changes to the text after final submission?

I’m sorry, we can't do this.


  • Can I add a link to the text after final submission?

See answer to question above.


  • Can you swap out the picture on the article or change its dimensions?

See answers to the questions above.


  • I have an idea for a better headline. Can you change the headline for me? 

We are sorry, that is not how journalism works.  :-)


  • Can you make  (insert request)  change for me? Unless you do as I request, I won't share the interview on social media.  (Sadly, a real question)

We make our decisions based on other factors, and not based on whether the article will be shared on social media.  


  • How can I get the most exposure from the live articles?

An interview like the one you are doing can be a great opportunity to spread the word about your idea, message, business etc. If the article is in our online magazine, the article will be seen by the large organic traffic of the website. However, because the magazine has so much content, your article may not get a lot of views unless you take the following measures.

  1. The easiest thing to do is to share the article on all of your social media channels, and thank and tag the writer as well as the name of the publication. This way your article will be seen by three audiences, your own audience, the writer's audience and the publication’s audience. This is also standard etiquette and is a polite way to thank the writer. In addition, if your article gets a lot of shares, the publication will notice and they may feature it prominently on their homepage.

  2. You can repost the article on your own blog. This will expose the article to your audience as well as boost the article’s prominence in search results.

  3. You can include the article or a link in your email newsletter.

  4. On our end, we will share the article with our audience as well.


  • Is there anything else I can do after my interview gets published?

Our colleague, Christina Nicholson put together a fantastic list of “next steps”. There are some great ideas in this list here 


  • Can I have a copy of Success Sisters Magazine’s logo to display on our press page or social media?

Sure, you can download it here. Thank you for that. That is so kind of you. 

  • If I ask you to take down an article, can you do that?

I’m sorry, once it's live, it's on the record and we can't take it down.


  • I’m a journalist from a prominent media outlet, how can I join your Article Collaboration Team?

You can email if you would like to join. 




  1. By uploading the content to our system, you give Success Sisters Magazine the right to publish your interview, and the images you submitted. You give Success Sisters Magazine the right to syndicate or publish your interview and images with any of our syndication partners. 

  2. By uploading the content to our system, you affirm that you will not attempt to relinquish publication rights at any point after it is uploaded.  

  3. By uploading your photos and written content you are giving the editor creative control of the final publishing results which may include photoshop edits and title changes. The final outcome is at the sole discretion of the editor and staff.

  4. By uploading the content to our system, you affirm that you have read these instructions and agree to these terms. 



Thank you so much my friends! We are really honored to work with you!

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